11 Things Every Entrepreneur Can Learn from Awesome Real Estate Professionals

11 Things Every Entrepreneur Can Learn from Awesome Real Estate Professionals

I admire real estate professionals. The good pros embody and exhibit honesty, dedication, awareness, and knowledge of their industry and on their community. There’s a lot that every entrepreneur can learn from awesome real estate professionals and I will tell you some of those things in this article.


There are a ton of real estate professionals in the world … many are awesome but many are not-so-awesome. This article focuses on the qualities of the awesome agents and brokers out there. Here are the 11 things every entrepreneur can learn from awesome real estate professionals:

Soft Skills – Communication and Empathy

Real estate professionals are constantly around other people so their people skills have to be top-notch. Awesome real estate professionals are great communicators. They know how to deliver good and bad news — tastefully and professionally. They also know how to put themselves in the shoes of their clients so they can better serve them. These are some qualities and practices that every entrepreneur can put into practice. Side note: I’m not sure why they are called “soft skills”. They are super hard to do.

Informed – Knowledge and Wisdom

It’s one thing to know information but it’s another thing to know when and how to apply it for great results. Awesome real estate professionals know everything about the areas they serve. But they also know how to apply their knowledge to a client’s specific needs and situation. A knowledgeable and wise entrepreneur is a winning entrepreneur.

Work Ethic – Dedication, Ethics, and Patience

Awesome real estate professionals go the extra mile for their clients. It’s about more than driving a client from listing to listing, it’s about how dedicated they are in representing their client’s interests. Beyond that, they do what’s right so that all involved are safe and secure. All of this — showing, calling, emailing, writing, negotiating, fact checking — takes a good portion of patience on the real estate pro’s part. Imagine if every entrepreneur put these traits into practice for their business!

Business Savvy – Branding, Marketing, and Sales

A real estate professional who knows her identity/brand and how to express it to her community will be confident in her brand and win the hearts of those she serves. Branding is covered deeply in my new book, The Foundation: Branding for Successful Real Estate Professionals.

The Foundation by Chris Craft

Awesome real estate professionals hone in on their brand first so they can market and sell with clarity and a well-defined unique selling proposition. They don’t swim in the same direction as the other fish. They are different and that’s why people call on them for their real estate needs. EVERY entrepreneur can learn from this.

They Love What They Do

Awesome real estate professionals have genuinely found their passion or calling and it’s my hope that every entrepreneur is doing what they love (and that what they love is good)!

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