5 Creative Ways to Market a House For Sale

5 Creative Ways to Market a House For Sale

A home won’t sell itself. Agents must market a house for sale in order to reach the eyes of potential buyers. For busy real estate agents, online marketing is the smartest way to leverage time for reaching the most eyes in the shortest amount of time. After all, a speedy sale is for the benefit of all involved. Speaking of speedy home sales, I love Duffy Realty’s high volume business model. Duffy has the seller pay $500 before the home is listed and a minimal seller’s commission (.0075%) upon closing (plus an additional 3% if a buyer’s agent is involved). This $500 upfront payment allows Duffy to pay for the marketing of the listing on the front end of the process unlike most agencies and brokerages. Having a definite marketing process in place helps homes sell faster. If you want to sell homes faster for your clients, considering these five creative ways to market a house for sale.

Advances with Classic Ways to Market a House For Sale

Before we get to the creative marketing ideas, let’s discuss how you can creatively approach classic home sale marketing tactics. Here are a few nuggets:

  1. Develop personal brand and business brand standards before developing any visual assets or conducting any marketing initiative. Learn how to develop these personal and business standards in The Foundation: Branding for Successful Real Estate Professionals.
  2. Take your time and develop compelling MLS listing copy
  3. Use great photos in all your collateral
  4. Do a mandatory online registration for open houses (so you can market to the registrants via email in the future)




Landing Pages

Your standard website pages are good for offering biographical and standard business information but landing pages are great for marketing a house for sale. Landing pages are simple web pages that you can use to promote specific listings and listing events (like open houses) in exchange for an informative PDF download or any other content related to the listing. Landing pages are launched to capture the contact information of the visitor through a form in exchange for helpful content. Having a large quality photo of the property is the key to a successful listing landing page. People want to see a property with awesome curb appeal. Lastly, limit your form to one or two fields (i.e. first name and email) to increase conversions!


Airbnb is an online home rental service that enables homeowners to rent their home (or rental property) to people. The site is typically used to rent vacation homes to travelers but it could be a great way to market a house for sale as well! Airbnb could help you market a test drive for a home before a buyer commits to purchasing it. People love free demos so why not try it for home sales?

The New York Senate recently passed a bill banning short-term apartment rentals. This is a big deal, so be sure to check your state’s laws before proceeding with this marketing idea.


There seems to be no in-between with Zillow and its sentiment among real estate agents. They either love them or they hate them. But whether you love them or not, they are now searched online more than the term “real estate” and they likely dominate organic search results for your area. Nevertheless, Zillow is undoubtedly an online haven for buyer leads and it’s wise for agents to have a presence there. A good place to start for agents to establish a presence on Zillow is through their lead generating Premier Agent® program.

Longform Listing Blog Posts

Do you have a listing that’s so awesome that you can write an informative blog post about it? If so, then do it! Writing and publishing original hyper-local content is a great way to establish your unique voice in your community and sell some homes! Be sure to focus on long-tail keywords for your listing blog content so you’re not competing against more established (and funded) real estate websites and blogs. Be sure to include high quality outside and interior photos within the content.

Live Video Streaming

Live streaming is all the rage today and for good reason. Periscope and Facebook Live Streaming have given agents another tool for presenting a listing to the world. Perhaps live streaming while walking inside a listing will help you engage a new crowd of potential buyers better than the standard rotation of still images for some virtual property tours!
I hope these creative marketing ideas will serve you well as you promote and sell homes with excellence and success!

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