7+ Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate Professionals

7+ Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate Professionals

Social media is often treated like an unwanted stepchild in the real estate industry. Many real estate professionals claim that they don’t have time to deal with it. Let’s power through the excuses and leverage social media for awareness, lead generation and growth. Allow me to present seven social media marketing tips for real estate professionals that will turn you into a savvy social media pro.

Now let me be upfront, I realize that you really might not have a lot of  time for managing your brand’s social media presence. This is why I’m pro delegation and pro automation. These two things will free you up so that you can work on turning your leads into closings. With that disclaimer done, let’s get to the social media tips for real estate marketing:

Keep a social media editorial calendar

You should always have a general monthly (or weekly) outlook in place for your social media themes and messaging. A calendar will help you know what you need to post and/or automate on a daily basis. Organize all of your ideas and messaging for every social media platform on a spreadsheet with each social media channel having its own tab.



Boost and Go Live on Facebook

Why start on Facebook? Because everyone is there! Facebook has 1.59 billion monthly active users. Because of the size of this active network, there are many opportunities for promoting your personal brand and real estate business on Facebook. 77 percent of REALTORS® use Facebook for real estate business purposes (the highest of the major social networks) according to the 2013-14 CRT REALTOR® Technology Survey Report and I’m sure that number has increased since then.

Facebook tip #1: Boost your top blog posts. Content fuels your social media efforts and your top content about a specific city, town, or neighborhood must be given extra push on Facebook. Even only $100 to $200 of monthly Facebook post boosting can make a ton of difference in your Facebook page and website traffic. Remember, post boosting can only be done from Facebook business pages and not personal pages. Lastly, the majority of the content that you boost should be of the helpful and edifying variety and not overly salesy.

Facebook tip #2: Go live! Show your friends and community your personality by doing live streaming via your smartphone. Try going live while giving a property tour or during a busy open house to give members of your community a new way to experience one of your top listings.

Schedule and automate tweets

Twitter moves at hyperspeed. It moves so fast that you might wonder if it’s even worth the time to engage on the platform. Nevertheless, Twitter is one of my go-to social media tips for real estate marketing.

Twitter tip #1: Let’s start with automation. I’ve talked about IFTTT in other posts. IFTTT is a great tool for tweeting content every hour, every day or consistently on a specific day of the week (your choice). Hootsuite can be used for scheduling tweets as well. The idea is to constantly get your message (tweets) out there to increase your chances of them being read and clicked. Be sure to schedule mostly evergreen content. Doing this tip will keep you from spending too much time in front of the computer.

Twitter tip #2: Incorporate “@” tweets to specific usernames (people) in/from your community. For example, you can tweet a local dog grooming shop to let them know that they were featured in your blog post about their neighborhood’s local attractions. They will likely retweet (RT) your content-rich tweet and you might become top-of-mind for when they (or someone they know) need an agent! Also consider using hashtags for specific neighborhoods and parts of towns/cities to increase your tweets’ search and timeline visibility.

Post beautiful images on Instagram and Pinterest

Pictures say a thousand words. And let’s face it, you’re not going to be successful in real estate marketing if you can’t promote the visual merits of a listing and its neighborhood. Beautiful images are crucial for all social networks, but they really shine on Instagram and Pinterest.

Instagram tips: While Facebook and Twitter aren’t the best places for the regular promotion of listings, Instagram is the social media channel where you should conduct non-stop promotion of property listings. But don’t post images for just any ol’ listing, only publish high quality images for your top properties. This is why real estate agents that serve the luxury real estate market do so well on Instagram. People love to see photos of kitchens and bathrooms so make sure you put more focus on producing and promoting images of them on Instagram. Lastly, you can’t put links in Instagram updates but you can put a link in your profile. Point people to your profile for a link to the top listing within the text portion of your Instagram update. And don’t forget to put the listing address along with other well-written copy in your Instagram update.

Pinterest tips: The big real estate marketing uses for Pinterest are curation/organization and content repurposing. Start Pinterest boards featuring awesome images from specific neighborhoods. Automate your sharing of these neighborhood boards on Twitter and Facebook. Neighborhood boards will show your community that you have a handle on what’s happening in your area. It also shows your appreciation for your community’s beauty. You should make a board featuring top images from all your listings as well. Lastly, you should make a board that features all the main images from your blog posts. The pins within this “blog board” will link directly to the individual blog posts on your website. This is a beautiful example of how to repurpose content and do image marketing via social media at the same time!

I hope that these social media tips for real estate marketing serve you well in your efforts to become your area’s most savvy real estate digital marketer. If you’re interested in preparing your brand for content creation and social media marketing, pick up a copy of my new e-book, The Foundation: Branding for Successful Real Estate Professionals today!

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