8 Branding Hacks for Real Estate Professionals

8 Branding Hacks for Real Estate Professionals

Branding doesn’t always have to be a grind. There are ways to delegate and automate your branding activities for optimum efficiency and results. That’s why I’m excited to bring you this list of branding hacks for real estate professionals. You should desire to be productive in the shortest possible amount of time.

When I write about “hacks” I’m not talking about a bad golf swing (though I know about that all too well). Hacks are new ways or shortcuts for doing something. Growth hacking has become all the rage and growth hacking strategies can certainly transform your real estate business. In this article, I’m presenting new and improved ways for you, the real estate professional, to promote and grow your personal and business brand.



Remember that your personal brand is on display when you’re engaging as yourself online (even if it’s not you controlling your account). Without further delay, here are my favorite branding hacks for real estate professionals:

Outsourcing and Delegating

Outsourcing and delegating has to be the world’s first productivity hack. Moses’s father-in-law, Jethro, told him to find some men in the Israelite camp to outsource some important tasks to. We can learn from this. Many real estate professionals try to take on too much. Give some hard-to-do and time-consuming marketing tasks to another team member or a third-party vendor.

Repurpose Content

Your blog content can be used in many places and in many ways! It can be shared via email and social media, turned into PDF for a guide/resource download, or re-published/syndicated on Medium and LinkedIn. Also, the images for your blog post can be posted on Instagram and Pinterest (make sure the images links back to your blog post on Pinterest).


When it comes to mass communication, email is one of the best “hacks” ever developed. Use email to stay top-of-mind with your current and past clients. It’s fast, consistent, and reliable. Tip: People like emails that look like regular emails. They don’t have be all dolled up with borders and images. Communicate with your tribe in a normal way and in a normal tone and they’ll appreciate it.


Video of all kinds is awesome. People like to see and hear from real human beings and video appeals to both of these senses. Real estate is a people business so video should be a goto hack in your marketing and branding arsenal. Another benefit of video publishing is that it totally hacks in-person inhibitions. It puts you in front of people without actually having to be in front of people (though you can argue that a real estate professional who doesn’t like being in front of people could run into other issues). Power Tip: Go live on Periscope from an open house or for an impromptu home tour.


Zapier is a cool tool that I like for its ability to connect together your online channels. For example, you can automatically trigger the sending of an email via Gmail to a new email entry into a Wufoo form. This is huge for quick lead follow-up if you’re not using an email marketing platform/service like Mailchimp or ConvertKit. Because as you know, quick follow up speaks highly of your brand.

Facebook (Boost and Invite)

There’s one particular Facebook strategy that I love for real estate. Here is is: Write an informative and compelling blog post about a specific part of town or neighborhood (be sure to include great photos in the post). Share the post from your Facebook business page, then boost it. When people start liking your boosted post, invite them to like your page. This hack turns one boosted blog post into an opportunity to introduce a new person to more of your content!


It’s always good when an internet tool can help you market with your hands off. Automate the sending of Twitter posts, replies and more. You can even automate and control smart-connected home tasks (lights, A/C settings, etc) for your listings through IFTTT.


Have you given a presentation lately? Don’t stop at presenting the slides in-person and leaving it at that. Put your slides on Slideshare for your LinkedIn connections and other social connections to see. This is a great way to present your brand’s expertise to peers and potential clients.

The big goal is all these hacks is to build a digital community for you (and your brand) to engage. I presented eight branding and marketing shortcuts for you to try with your real estate business; but let me be clear, there are no hacks for building lasting relationships. Lasting relationships require trust and time for nurturing. Use these branding hacks to get the conversation started in new relationships. And then solidify true relationships over time by providing quality service and spending quality time spent with your clients.


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