How to Market Your Business with Excellence in a Fallen World

by Chris Craft in Chris Craft, Entrepreneurship, Marketing

Have you thought about how to market your business with excellence in a fallen world? Marketing that capitalizes on the weaknesses, bad habits, and sinful patterns of people seems to work, but is it good? I had a chat with a friend at church about unethical marketing practices. The conversation led us to conclude that […]

Blogging for Real Estate Agents with Chris Craft

by Chris Craft in Blogging, Chris Craft, Marketing, Real Estate

I had the pleasure of having an in-depth convo about blogging for real estate agents with the brilliant Seth Price of Placester on the Marketing Genius Podcast. In addition to blogging, our conversation covered our content production process, content syndication, social media marketing and more. Listen to the interview or read the transcription below. And let […]

Stop blogging. Let us do it!

by Chris Craft in Blogging, General, Marketing

You know that you need blog content to fuel your other digital marketing efforts, but you don’t have time to do it. You might even be an excellent writer and know a ton about your business and industry, but it’s that TIME thing that deters you from writing quality blog content. I wrote this blog […]

7+ Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate Professionals

by Chris Craft in Marketing, Real Estate

Social media is often treated like an unwanted stepchild in the real estate industry. Many real estate professionals claim that they don’t have time to deal with it. Let’s power through the excuses and leverage social media for awareness, lead generation and growth. Allow me to present seven social media marketing tips for real estate […]

5 Ways to Win with Your Real Estate Website

by Chris Craft in Marketing, Real Estate

All agents need a tailor-made real estate website for success in this new digital world of real estate. If you’re a new real estate agent then you might have a cookie cutter broker-branded website or no website at all. If you’re a veteran agent then you’ve probably heard this a thousand times. If you have […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Do Branding Before Marketing

by Chris Craft in Branding, Marketing

Imagine going through life without a name. You couldn’t identify yourself or go after and secure opportunities. Sounds horrible, right? Also, imagine your business not having a name and that would basically mean having no business at all. The point here is that knowing and establishing your identity are crucial in life and business. And this […]