Daily Gratitude Journal / September 30, 2017

by Chris Craft in Chris Craft, Gratitude

Daily Gratitude Journal
Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. - 1 Chr 16:34 Click To Tweet

Hey hey!

Welcome to my daily gratitude journal. Everyday I will share one thing for which I’m thankful in each of the areas of family, work, and well-being.

Every day, every moment, and every experience (even the “bad” ones) present opportunities for thankfulness. But to whom are we to express thankfulness? God, our Heavenly Father, must be the object of our thankfulness. All good things come from Him (Jas 1:17); and He works all things (once again, including the “bad” things) together for the good for those who love Him (Rom 8:28).

Today, I’m thankful to God for…

Family: My wife being able to sleep in this morning. We’ve entered a stage in life where we need to find more ways for her to get more rest and time with our children. Pray for us.

Work: Less focus on work and more time for planning and playing with the kids.

Well-being: Our house and the safety of our neighborhood. I also give thanks for our godly friends and neighbors in our subdivision. We are truly blessed to live where we live.

These are the three things for which I’m thankful today.

I pray that my journal will inspire you to express thankfulness daily to God.

Join me on my gratitude journaling journey!