Let It Shine: Why Personal Branding for Real Estate Agents Matters

personal branding for real estate agents

Every real estate agent has a personal brand and I’m happy to write this article so you can learn more about personal branding for real estate agents. The questions are if they realize it and if they are doing the work in their community to build their brand. But before I go any further, allow me to define a personal brand from a 30,000 foot level. A personal brand is a person’s God-given identity combined with the layers from their life and career experiences.

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A true brand is natural and not fabricated. A brand is uncovered and not discovered. I find that people who search too hard to find who they are end up making up an identity that’s not their own; and this happens inside and outside of business contexts. Personal branding for real estate agents matters because relationships are of high value in life and business.



Personal branding is active. It is expressing your identity, experiences and reputation to the world (especially your community and people who match your ideal client profile). Branding is “you being you” at home and away. While marketing pushes (outbound) and receives (inbound), your brand exists and develops intentionally and passively.

Branding is not an option for real estate professionals. Your brands (personal and business) and web presence come together to form the foundation for all of your marketing initiatives. Skipping one or both of these components could place your real estate marketing plans on sinking sand. And if your marketing goes down, your business will soon follow. Just remember that your brand lives outside of all your marketing tactics.

Going Deeper: A Personal Brand Is about More Than What You See

More than a logo and some typesetting, a personal brand is your personal and business mindset and activity. An agent with a strong brand has likely established trust with the people in her community by providing excellent service consistently. In other words, your personal brand is more about your actions than an ad, poster, or business card. Your personal brand isn’t only determined by what you say about yourself. Opinions and reviews from/by others play a significant role as well. I like how Adwerx, who has syndicated this article as “Chris Craft on personal branding for real estate“, defines “brand” in one of their blog posts:

A “brand” in a more esoteric sense refers to the perception customers have about that product, service or in this case, real estate agent.

Lastly, part of your brand is defined by who you serve. Your clientele reflects back on you to a certain degree. For example, your large group of ex-military clients could point to your patriotism, appreciation for their service, and/or your previous military experiences.

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The Benefits of Good Personal Branding

Personal branding has many good general benefits for business. But the benefits really shine for real estate professionals since agents are so often closely engaged with their clients through personal contact. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that your personal brand differentiates you from the other agents in your area. Here’s an incomplete list of benefits for good personal branding in real estate. I’d love to read some of benefits that I left off this short list (leave a comment below).

  1. It generates leads.
  2. It humanizes your marketing.
  3. It helps you market with consistency.
  4. It helps jumpstart word-of-mouth marketing.
  5. It helps you develop a voice for your content.
  6. It helps you become comfortable in your own skin.
  7. It helps you developing your unique value proposition.
  8. It helps potential clients know what to expect from you.
  9. It helps you determine the persona of your ideal customer.


In so many cases within real estate, a solo agent’s personal identity represents the full identity of their business. You are your business. This is why I place such a big importance on personal branding for real estate agents. Once you grow to have an agent team or brokerage, then you can consider standalone business branding prep and tactics. But for now, love who God made you to be and make sure your real identity is fully reflected in your real estate business. Your clients will love and trust you for it.


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