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By Chris Craft | Last Updated:  January 28, 2017
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You know that you need blog content to fuel your other digital marketing efforts, but you don’t have time to do it. You might even be an excellent writer and know a ton about your business and industry, but it’s that TIME thing that deters you from writing quality blog content. I wrote this blog post to show you the value of outsourcing your blog writing activities to our team at Nao Media‘s Skrybe, our blog writing service in Atlanta. This blog post is for those who have planned to move forward with content marketing as part of their overall digital marketing strategy. It’s not for business owners who aren’t sold on the value of quality blog content. Let’s press forward as we look briefly at why blog content (and any content for that matter) should be the starting point for your online marketing efforts and not the end goal.


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Content is the Fuel and Not the Engine

Many business owners and marketers spend hours writing awesome content and erroneously think their job is done when they publish the article. The truth is that publishing the content on your website/blog is just the beginning. Actually, defining your brand, target audience, and content marketing plan or workflow should be completed before you put together an editorial calendar and start writing. People won’t read your content if you don’t have all those things in place first. Why? They won’t know who you are when your content is published. With content being your fuel, it doesn’t do you and your business any good if it doesn’t have an engine to be fed into. Conversely, a content and digital marketing engine (a funnel) is useless without its fuel. You must constantly feed your quality blog content into your content and digital marketing engine in order for your business to achieve the results that you desire. I am helping you realize that there’s a system that involves both content writing and content promotion for online marketing success. Our team at Nao Media with Skrybe will help you write the content and put it in the right places for the right people to connect with it, which will eventually lead them back to your website or hub.


Do Smarter Real Estate Marketing


Here’s a shortlist of simple activities that Nao Media does for igniting your content — a phrase coined by Mark W. Schaefer, author of The Content Code (affiliate link):








Now that you know WHAT we’ll do with your quality content to ignite it, I’ll introduce you to Nao Media’s approach to effective blog writing. We believe that quality blog content is written excellently for humans to enjoy and crafted carefully for SEO (search engine optimization) impact.


The Art of Blogging

Whether you blog on your own or outsource it, the art of effective blogging must be top of mind. Focusing on the art makes the content more enjoyable, which helps you serve, educate and entertain actual human beings and not search engines. If your content is loved by people, the positive search engine results will come.


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Search engines more and more every day are getting their queues from what people like. Social media sharing signals matter more in search results than they did several years ago. Google values quality links from reputable websites that are known for publishing quality content in their own right. I know that some SEOs and content marketers are really into search engine and EdgeRank algorithms. It’s a cool way to scratch the nerd itch, but why would you spend so much time trying to crack secret codes that you can’t control? You will get better results from your blogging efforts by aiming to impact your readers by crafting well-written, entertaining and educational blog content. And once again, if you can’t commit to writing well-written, entertaining and educational blog content, outsource it to a team like ours that loves serving their clients with quality content in the client’s voice!


This brings us to frequency. I often get asked, “how often should I be blogging?” Once again, the quality is more important than the frequency. One excellent blog post beats 30 subpar blog posts every time! You can’t trick search engines into giving you exposure by publishing a ton of low quality blog posts. Strive for excellence with every blog post and if you can’t commit to that, hire a team of writers to craft your content for you.


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Keywords (SEO)

Yes, long-tail (specific, multi-word) keywords still matter in search engines finding your blog content. As important as keywords are, we don’t allow it to negatively impact the quality and readability of our clients’ blog posts. It takes skill and practice to write for SEO and human enjoyment. Skilled bloggers know when to sacrifice keyword density for readability. As a writer, finding the best balance between keyword density and human readability our writers’ favorite thing to do. I love striking this balance too. I guess it’s the problem solver and engineer in me.


Blogging (Ghostwriting) for You

Though our team enjoys the art of writing, we must have it down to a system. This allows us to serve all of our clients efficiently without missing deadlines. Here’s our 7-step blogging process:


Discovery & Research – Step 1.

We will meet with you to learn about your story, voice, and goals. This phase also includes topic ideation, keyword and competitive research, and editorial calendar creation.

Assignment – Step 2.

We deliver the topic and any research, resources and ideas to our subject-qualified writer based on a pre-approved editorial calendar.

Headline Copy Engineering – Step 3.

Crafting a headline or title is an art and a science. Your article’s title will be clear, catchy (when appropriate) and keyword-rich.

Content Crafting – Step 4.

Our subject-qualified writer produces your premium content.

Internal Quality Check – Step 5.

Our internal copy editors ensure that your initial draft is ready for the world to read.

First Draft Delivery – Step 6.

We will deliver your article in Microsoft Word format (or via a shared Google Doc) so you can make redline edits and comments that you will deliver to us in a timely manner.

Revision & Final Delivery – Step 7.

We will write revisions based on your comments and suggested edits and send you the final draft. It’s time to introduce your awesome content to your readers!


Our writers and I have a passion for content writing and content marketing. When you hire Nao Media, you’re getting me and a team that loves crafting content that’s perfect for your brand, voice and audience. Here’s what our client Leighton Allen of Allen Realty has to say about our content work for his business:


“Nao Media’s blogging service increases awareness and authority for our real estate business in Shreveport-Bossier. They craft quality content that helps us serve and educate our community. Allen Realty will definitely call on Nao Media for content writing and more for the foreseeable future.”


Thanks for taking the time to read this post and allowing me to introduce you to Nao Media’s philosophy and approach on/to blog writing and content marketing. Email me today if you need blogging and content writing help for your business.

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