4 Reasons Why Our Family Loves The ‘Lo-Fi Lovely’ LoFi HipHop Playlist

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Do you find yourself getting distracted while trying to work and listen to music? Well, I have the perfect thing for you. Our family loves creating while listening to a lofi hiphop playlist because it keeps us from getting distracted during the creative process. But that’s not all! There are a few other benefits to vibing to lofi hiphop beats that I’ll cover later in this article.

What is lofi hiphop?

Lofi hiphop (also called chillhop) is a subgenre of hip-hop that features low tempo music with minimal, ornate instrumentation. The majority of lofi music is instrumental or features minimal vocals or audio clips from TV shows or movies. Many of today’s lofi music producers are inspired by the producers J Dilla, Nujabes, and Madlib. You can’t go wrong by studying these guys’ music!

In the mid to late 2010s, lofi hip hop became popular on YouTube and channels like Lofi Girl have grown to have millions of subscribers. Everybody loves lofi hiphop girl!

Lofi girl studying wihle listening to lofi music.
Image Courtesy of the Lofi Girl YouTube Channel

My YouTube channel doesn’t have millions of subscribers, but I have some good music on there and it’s still worth a follow!

With its ease of listening and chill textures, lo-fi hip-hop is here to stay.

Listen to my lofi hiphop playlist Lo-fi Lovely on Spotify while you read the rest of the article. I curated Lo-fi Lovely for all those who want to be focused during creative work while enjoying some good chill music at the same time. Enjoy!

Here are four reasons why my creative family loves working and creating while listening lo-fi hip-hop music.

Four reasons why our family loves listening to a lofi hiphop playlist while being creative

1. Lofi hiphop beats prepare your mind for creative work. Good creative work is about flow and rhythm. Lofi hiphop beats help you organize your thoughts and execute on ideas.

2. Lofi music won’t distract you (as much as music with lyrics). The minimal instrumentation and lack of vocals will help you concentrate on your work instead of the music. Now, this doesn’t mean the music can be bad. You’d still want to listen to good lofi songs.

3. It makes work and study more fun. Who doesn’t like good music? Especially if it actually helps you be creative!

4. Its simplicity gives your mind a break from the busyness of life. Everyday life is filled with all types of craziness. Lofi hiphop helps you relax and get your mind off the hectic things from your day. Lofi by itself can’t replace prayer and therapy but it can definitely be used as a tool to help you combat anxiety and overwhelm.

Chill lofi hiphop may be simple but it’s not meaningless. Try listening to it while you’re doing your next creative project. Some good lofi music may even help you get out of a creative rut!

Check out my Lo-fi Lovely lofi hiphop playlist and vibe out while you work and create!

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