About the Crafts

Hi! We are the Crafts.

We love each other (even when we get on each other’s nerves). We pray together, play together, and create together.

We aren’t a perfect family and that’s okay. But we know that we are individually being perfected by our God.

We enjoy playing basketball and other sports, playing family board games, making LEGO creations, watching movies, drawing, painting, making music, and writing. And we do all of these things as worship, knowing that it’s only by the grace of Jesus that any of it is possible.

The Crafts at the Guy-Dunning Family Reunion in Montgomery, AL (2019)
Our family at the Guy-Dunning Family Reunion in Montgomery, AL (2019)

We started this blog to show the world that families can have fun doing creative things together and make a little money while doing it. And you don’t need a sprawling family business in order to do this. This brings us to our blog’s mission.

Our Mission, Our Why

Our family blog’s mission:

We inspire families to grow closer through creative entrepreneurship.

What We Write About

We write about Faith, Family, Creativity, Money (Entrepreneurship and Financial Responsibility), Health, and Sports.

Here are some of our favorite blog articles:

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Now, let’s introduce you to our family!

The Craft Family

We are a family of believers, servants, leaders, and dreamers. We’re happy for you to get to know us.

Chris Craft

Hey, I’m Chris Craft. I’ll be doing the majority of the writing here at Craft Writes.

I’m a follower of the One True King Jesus Christ, husband of one (Wanda), and the father of three (Naomi, Maria, and Elijah).

I’m from Houston, TX (The Great State, baby), but now I call Sharpsburg, GA my home. I graduated from Morehouse College with a degree in General Science and from Georgia Tech with a degree in Electrical Engineering (one of the hardest things that I accomplished in my life). I’m a basketball junkie and a big Houston Rockets fan.

Professionally, I’m the Founder of Nao Media, Chief Content Officer at NeoLuxe Marketing, the Editor-in-Chief of InspireFirst, and the founder and an artist on the BeatCurve record label.

Follow me on Twitter @CraftWrites and on Instagram @CraftWrites.

For my music, follow me on Instagram @BeatsByCRFT and on Twitter @BeatsByCRFT.

Learn more about my life story by listening to Episode 1 of The Chris Craft Show:

“But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.” – Joshua 24:15

Wanda Guy-Craft

Hello. I’m Wanda and I’m excited to write here at our family’s blog. From time to time, I’ll be writing about whatever strikes me.

I’m a wife, a mother, and a Board Certified Family Physician who was born and reared in Newnan, GA.  An HBCU loyalist, I am a graduate of both Spelman College and Howard University College of Medicine.

I took an odd path for someone who knew she wanted to be a doctor at the age of four. I earned a degree in Spanish, and my fluency allowed me to volunteer at a regional hospital in the Dominican Republic, to work as a medical research assistant in Guatemala, and to serve with Volunteers in Medical Missions in Ecuador. Speaking Spanish also comes in pretty handy in the office and surprises a lot of people.

I love spending time with my children, gardening, and helping people as their doctor.

“But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.” – Joshua 24:15